Herbalife and the Parable of the Sheep, Wolf and Sheepdog $HLF

I watched American Sniper this weekend. The movie made a reference to the parable of the Sheep, Wolf and Sheepdogs. These days, whenever I think about that… I inevitably think about Herbalife. I can’t help myself. I can barely contain my outrage. If you stand still long enough, I will tell you about the 30+ year predatory criminal racketeering enterprise that is Herbalife… with incredible detail. If you walk away, I will probably follow you for a bit. You’re better off running.

Most people in society are sheep. They find it difficult to hurt each other; they do it mostly by accident; and they feel remorse. Predatory behavior is rare for the vast majority of society, they are kind, decent people… violent or predatory by accident or under extreme provocation.

Wolves. They feed on the sheep without mercy or remorse. You better believe they exist in society. They are evil and capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget or pretend wolves do not exist… YOU BECOME A SHEEP. You are not safe in your denial. If you have predatory behavior and no empathy for your victims, you are a sociopath… you are a wolf.

Now… Sheepdogs. They LIVE and Breath to protect the flock and CONFRONT the wolf. If you have a capacity for confrontation (and violence), unafraid of the consequences to yourself (you are selfless), and a deep love for your fellow citizens – you are a sheepdog. Someone willing to walk into the darkness.

Millions of unsuspecting, hopeful and vulnerable fellow human beings (9 million in the last 7 years alone) are SHEEP VICTIMS of the predator WOLF Herbalife (management/top recruiters/lawyers/lobbyists), and the SHEEPDOGS are anyone willing to stand up and shine a Light of Truth on this surreal 30+ year fraud.

Ironically, the sheep don’t always like the sheepdog. (They have a love/hate relationship with him.) The sheepdog looks a lot like a wolf! (Hmm… HLF makes great use of that, don’t they?) The sheepdog is a constant reminder that wolves exist, when the sheep would prefer (consciously or subconsciously) to live in the delusion that they are safe in their fairyland, going Baaaa and eating the grass.

One Note: Sheepdogs claim no moral superiority. It is just who they are, how they are wired or what they do.

The sheep pretend the wolf doesn’t exist or will never come. The sheepdog lives for that day. The sheepdog says things like, “Bring it On!”

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